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  • Choosing A Leather Sofa For Your Home  By : Mark Bailey
    Better than any other piece of furniture, leather in particular leather sofas provide a opulent appearance and sense that will without doubt enhance any rooms look. It is still suggested that you devote due thoughtfulness to the endless assortment of styles, colours and functions of each piece, before you make your final conclusion when purchasing one of these fine sofas.
  • Different Types Of French Antique Furniture Reviewed  By : Gen Wright
    Find out what you need to know about French Antique Furniture and see if they are right for you at this time. Learn the truth about French Antique Furniture so you can make your final decision.
  • How do you wax unpainted wood furniture?  By : Thomas Bridleman
    Waxing unpainted wood furniture is a very popular way of finishing the piece. If you are going to wax your recent purchase, you need to first seal the wood so that it doesn’t remain porous. If you fail to do this, the wood will soak up stains and dust which will adversely affect its look over time. When you see ring marks from glasses or cups on a piece of furniture it means the owner didn’t seal it properly and they can be a nightmare to remove.
  • Wood Furniture, Distressing and Other Tips  By : Thomas Bridleman
    If you’ve taken a recent stroll through a “regular” furniture store lately (no bare wood furniture in sight), you’ve probably noticed that many of the more popular pieces are “weathered” or “distressed.” It’s the furniture equivalent of “stone washed jeans.”
  • Wood Staining - The Importance of Sanding and Experimentation  By : Thomas Bridleman
    Never underestimate the power of sanding and experimentation when beginning a wood furniture staining project. These two things can dramatically impact your finished product.
  • How to Clean and Care for Wicker Furniture  By : Jacklina
    An article on how to clean wicker furniture. How to take proper care of it so it can last longer. How to paint and varnish it.
  • How To Maintain Your Wicker Furniture  By : Gen Wright
    Wicker furniture is popular across the world because it's beautiful and quite inexpensive. It is usually made from different parts of plants that mainly grow in South Asia. Apart from famous furniture made from different types of natural wicker like rattan, cane, bamboo and resin, furniture made from synthetic wicker like plastic is getting quite popular too.
  • History Of Modern Furniture  By : karl donald
    Michael Thonet an Austrian German cabinet maker was the first to experiment in making bent wood furniture and using glue for joining wood pieces. His coffee shop chair also known as 'Konsumstuhl Nr 14' became world famous and till 1930 over 50 million of these chairs were produced. Another famous chair of that era was the 'Tripolina chair'. It was made of wood, metal and canvas and was patented by Joseph Fendy in 1877. This chair was broadly used by the British troops during the colonial era.
  • White Bedroom Furniture - How to Paint Shabby Chic White Bedroom Furniture  By : Gen Wright
    White bed room furniture is very versatile. The other wonderful thing about white bedroom furniture is that you can paint your walls any color.
  • History of Four Poster Beds and Colonial Four Poster Beds  By : Gen Wright
    It is believed that the first four poster beds were made in Austria during the 15th century. They were made in order to guard the sleeper from pests, insects and drafts.
  • Why Teak Lasts Outdoors  By : Mike Smith
    This article provides information about qualities of teak wood and how it has become the material of choice for garden furniture.
  • From Rocks to Barstools  By : guardiantool
    The world is filled with some inventions that people do not even consider during their daily tasks. These are things that have seemingly been around for ages but without which life might be a real pain.
  • The Designs of Robin Day  By : Krandok Hannigast
    In this article we will discover the influence of the artistic world on even something very functional like stackable chairs. Robin Day was an artist whose work with moldable tubular metals gave us the stackable chair as we know it today.
  • Ron Arad Contract Furniture Designs  By : Brooklyn Failsday
    This article will discuss the impact the artist Ron Arad has had on interior design and how we can implement his vision for contract leisure furniture to create a unique, creative and beautiful look and feel to your leisure settings.
  • Classic Chairs: Breuer Chairs  By : Brooklyn Failsday
    Marcel Breuer, born in 1902, was a truly great designer responsible for the classic Breuer Chair. This article covers some of his history and talks about how you can use these designs in your business.
  • What is Abaca Furniture  By : Gen Wright
    Abaca comes from the abaca plant, which belongs to the banana family. This plant is cultivated on a large scale basis in countries like Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • Antiques Mean Something Different To Everyone  By : Susan Dean
    Many people, myself included love the look of old things. We love to furnish our homes with old furniture and different nick knacks that have come from a different era. Many of these things are antiques while many are just old looking. It has become very popular these days to decorate your house with older looking furniture. Many manufacturers make modern furniture that look like antiques but in fact are not.
  • The History of the Parsons Dining Chair  By : Ron Jordan
    The name ‘parsons chair’ is frequently bandied about as a marketing term and seen on the sites of many furniture retailers. However, many consumers are unaware of what the chair is, where it came from, and what purpose it’s supposed to serve. This article gives a brief rundown on the origin and development of the parsons chair.
  • Right into the Nuts and Bolts of Forged Hinges  By : Kenny Smith
    A quality hinge can never fail to have two loops or knuckles that are smoothly worked into the design of the plate. For example, I saw in the Bennetts Ironmongery in Derbyshire website that there are such devices as T-hinges, spring hinges, even butt hinges!
  • London's Royal Festival Hall: A Study on Architectural Ironmongery  By : Kenny Smith
    Alterations to the facades facing the river removed the playful Scandinavian Modernism of the building's primary public face in favour of a plainer and hard-edged style. As an aside, the hall is prove to be one of the Architectural Ironmongery world's quiet headaches, given the post-war lack of steel when the building was being completed.The masters behind the original door furniture were architec
  • Ten Types of Wood Used in Furniture  By : Gen Wright
    These are just some of the types of wood used for making furniture around the world. With even more available, you're sure to find the perfect piece of wood furniture for your home or office.
  • The History of Wood Households  By : Mitch Johnson
    There are many types of things that are made from different types of woods in earlier days, such as barometers, beds, buckets and bureaus (a kind of writing desk). These items were often made of walnut or mahogany.
  • The History of Decorative Furnitures  By : Mitch Johnson
    Learn more about the chest of drawers, chiffonier, wine-coasters and coffee tables. These were not designed for the daily use of the common man; they were made with different intricate designs and decorations.
  • The History of European Furniture  By : Mitch Johnson
    Different countries produce different types of woods. And produces different type of furniture each unique in their own styles. And the development of these different styles of wood products was also due to the encouragements from their rulers and influential people.
  • The Royal Furnitures and Their History  By : Mitch Johnson
    Sometime the emergence of new designs could coincide with that of the personal designs of the rulers like that of King Louis XVI. The variety in tastes of the patrons sometimes gives birth to new designs. The non-accessibility of these furniture gives ways to fake products of the original because sometime the prices of the original were not affordable for everyone to possess them.
  • The Beginning of Small Furniture  By : Mitch Johnson
    Let us have a look at some of the furniture that we can find some of in museums. Furniture such as the stools which date back to the twelfth century, tea-tables dating back to the late seventeenth century, serving trays made of mahogany, wine-coolers (a receptacle for cooling wine) writing tables, window stools, and work tables.
  • An Introduction to Antique Furniture  By : Stephen Morgan
    Furniture has been a domestic necessity in all civilisations, ancient to modern (and in-between) and has been produced in large quantities over the centuries. Developed from humble beginnings whereby the furniture was constructed out of simple designs by and large cut straight from one section of a tree to more advanced skilfully constructed pieces.
  • Antique Chairs - A Record Of Yesterday  By : Ron Berry
    The antique chair. Its character, craftsmanship, materials and often intricate design make attempts at duplication futile. Today's manufacturing process too often is geared toward quantity, not quality and durability.
  • Antique Garden Benches  By : Jennifer Bailey
    Garden benches that are very old and have been able to withstand climatic changes can be classified as antique garden benches. Such benches are usually very ornate and have lots of carvings in them. They can be made out of any material, but the most commonly used materials are stone, iron and terracotta among other things.
  • The History of Antique Wheelchairs  By : Daniel Gibbs
    The oldest existing picture of a chair with wheels is from China – in the 6th Century! The odds that they were around before someone drew a picture that would survive this long are excellent. There is also an image of a wheeled chair from Ancient Egypt. Again, it’s more likely that it exists because their culture made long-lasting images than that they invented antique wheelchairs.
  • Antique Pool Tables  By : Rob D Stone
    It is common knowledge that items made in previous years are much more durable in quality than products made today, due to the materials that were used during that time period. This is also true for pool tables. Compared to modern pool tables, the ones that were made during the late 1800s and early 1900s contain better quality wood and fabric.
  • Tables and Their Histories  By : Mitch Johnson
    Usually the oak woods were used to make the dining tables earlier. They were, round, oval or long in shapes and sizes. Different types of woods were used for different types of styles for making the antique furniture that we could see today.
  • Antique Wheelchairs  By : Emmanuel Aubrey
    The chair and the wheel were two of man's earliest inventions, dating back to 4000 B.C. The first evidence of combining wheels with furniture was a Greek wheeled baby-bed, built in 530 B.C. It was not until 1595 that an actual wheelchair was invented.
  • Antique Chests  By : Brijesh
    English Antique Chests are exquisitely made by artisan craftsmen that favor the open environment of a richly stocked library and comfortable study setting to place their works of art where they will be seen. As people socialize in their day-to-day business dealings, these sturdy crafted stands creatively offer female guests a conversation piece on which to pass the day.
  • Use Linseed Oil For A Silky Finish On Antique Furniture  By : Joe Smith
    In Europe in the Age of Oak, from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 17th century, furniture finishes were limited to vegetable oils and waxes. People were probably more concerned with preserving the wood than with enhancing its appearance.
  • How to Recognize Antique Furniture  By : Stephane Schroder
    We all dream of finding that perfect piece of antique furniture
    at the yard sale or auction, but remember that you'll only make
    that purchase if you can recognize its worth in the first place!
  • Art Deco Furniture: A Leleu Masterpiece  By : Lewis Baer
    This example of a Jules Leleu sideboard encompasses the best of Art Deco inlaid detailing with the forward interpretations of classical forms. Art Deco furniture made toward the end of that period looked at form, which we now see in the classic 1940s furniture design.
  • Adriondack Chair - Seating With A History  By : Kent Higgins
    Following the trend of art in general, American furniture
    underwent change at the beginning of the 20th century. Function
    became more important than ornate looks, with simple, relaxed
    designs being used instead of older, Victorian styles. This time
    period has become known as the Craftsman period, and was shaped
    by the work and ideas of craftsman Thomas Lee.
  • Essential Knowledge About Antique Paine Furniture  By : David Faulkner
    Anyone who has a minimal interest in antique furniture will know
    that there are many types of furniture to choose from. If you
    are seriously considering investing in antiques as a source of
    profit then you really should do your research. A specific kind
    of antique that you should look into is antique Paine furniture.
  • Windsor Chairs: A Great Country Kitchen Look  By : Patrick Slater
    Windsor chairs have long been popular as dining furniture. They
    evoke memories of times past and a simpler life. In the United
    States, Windsor chairs have been made and handcrafted for
    hundreds of years, illustrating their popularity and staying
  • Need a place to store your fancy bone China belongings?  By : Boris Chainik
    To store and display the finest selection of antique China, an
    antique China cabinet is a must. The layout, the lighting, the
    positioning and even the wood that the antique China cabinet is
    made up of is equally important. The purpose of this article is
    to investigate how the antique China cabinet is as important as
    the antique China itself.
  • Buying Antique Chairs: Advice For Beginners  By : Patrick Slater
    Many people like to buy antique furniture, including antique
    chairs, because of the blend of style and history. Antiques have
    a story to tell about the people who owned them and how they
    were used, even if you have to imagine what that exact story is.
  • Know Your Sofas  By : Ron Jordan
    A sofa is a word adapted into English from Arabic, by way of
    Aramaic. These days it refers to any couch, though originally it
    referred only to the luxuriously cushioned seats of esteemed
    guests in the royal palaces of Arabia. Sofas are always
    upholstered and designed for reclining and relaxation.
  • Antique Furniture Basics  By : Simon Oldman
    Antiques may be of many different kinds and of all the antique
    collectibles and furniture happens to be the most popular and
    practical choice. Antique furniture is distinct from other
    categories of antiques in the sense that no one collects the
    same type of object repeatedly.

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