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  • Microscope Maintenance  By : Kathy Brasch
    If the main bearing system needs adjustment you will should contact a qualified microscope repair technician to do this repair.
  • Cleaning Your Microscope  By : Kathy Brasch
    Customer often asks what they can do to keep their microscopes clean and in good working condition. Listed below are some questions raised along with our suggestions:
  • Metallurgical Microscopes  By : Kathy Brasch
    Metallographic microscopes are used for a variety of applications such as semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturing, inspection and quality control, crystallography, and analysis of sand castings in iron metal foundries.
  • Abbe Refractometers  By : Kathy Brasch
    There are two detection systems for refractive index: transparent systems and reflection systems. Hand-held refractometers and Abbe refractometers use transparent detection systems, and digital refractometers use
  • Brix Refractometers  By : Kathy Brasch
    Brix and refractive index are common measurement scales for refractometers. A refractometer that measures brix is referred to as a Brix Refractometer. When measuring solutions that have multiple
  • Used Microscopes  By : Kathy Brasch
    By researching and purchasing used microscopes you open up a much greater range of instruments available to you. You can now purchase an instrument with many more accessories for much less money.
  • How A Polarimeter Works  By : Kathy Brasch
    A polarimeter works the same way: You have two polaroid glasses, like the two holes with the rope, one glass is the polarizer, the other glass is the analyzer. The polarizer ensures that only a beam of .........
  • Choosing A Microscope: Compound or Stereo microscope?  By : Kathy Brasch
    Your application is the most important factor in choosing a microscope. What you need to see and what you want to do with that image will determine what kind of microscope you need. Microscopes typically come in two types: compound or stereo microscope.
  • A Close-Up Look At Microscopes  By : Logan Pallas
    The microscope is an important educational tool used in scientific research and education. It is used to produce a larger image of an object for projects ranging from medical discoveries to important educational training in schools across the nation. Microscopes use technology to allow humans to view objects as they could never be seen with the naked eye alone.
  • History And Uses Of Optical Microscopes  By : Alex Dale
    The first optical microscopes were created in the 18th century. Due to it's compact sizes, simplicity and relatively low price, the optical microscope is very popular, and can be found in use in many areas of biology. Optical microscopes mostly magnify objects for up to 1500 times.

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