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  • Modern Art  By : Art2Arts
    Is modern art, like the classical art before it, growing old? Unlike representational art, modern art tells a different truth to every viewer – a fact that will keep it young forever.
  • Wall Art Tips  By : Jamie Hanson
    Wall art decoration in your house reflects your personality and makes quite an impact. In our times, wall pictures have become a necessary accessory in homes and to create a great interior it is imperative to collect wall art that go with the room's style and color background.
  • Leo Sewell Recycled Art  By : Helen Saatchi
    Leo Sewell is a recycled art expert, who uses self created assemblage techniques in his art. The sculptures Leo Sewell creates are made from reclaimed plastic, wood and metal pieces he collects from museums, corporations and individuals from around the world.
  • Eco Art and Environmental Art Subjects  By : Helen Saatchi
    Environmental art can be used to define any art that deals with ecological issues as well as anything in the natural context. Environmental art is also a movement that began in the late 60s, and was then associated with sculpture such as land art or site specific art.
  • Reclaimed Art and Recycle Art  By : Helen Saatchi
    Reclaimed art and recycled art are described as artworks that are compiled of objects that have been discarded by others. There are many reclaimed art and recycled art artists that use the vision of what art is to them, to create visual styles that are most impressive by any standards.
  • What are Junk Art and Trash Art?  By : Helen Saatchi
    Junk art and trash art are interchangeable terms. This is a sub-genre of found art, where a piece of art is created from pieces that have previously been discarded as trash or junk.
  • Mixed Media Art and Assemblage Art  By : Helen Saatchi
    When it comes to visual art, mixed media is any piece of artwork where more than one medium has been used on the same piece. Mixed media refers to works that combine traditional and distinct visual media. Mixed media art for example, could be a collage of sketches in charcoal, ink and paint.
  • Recycled Art and Found Art Styles  By : Helen Saatchi
    Recycled art can be described as art that is created with reclaimed materials incorporated into the piece. Found art is classified as any art that is modified or made from undisguised objects that are generally speaking, not normally considered art due to their proper functioning.
  • What Is It That Inspires Me To Paint Contemporary Abstract Paintings?  By : Anna Meenaghan
    Well I don't really think that there is a clear cut answer to this one. If anything, I would say that I go where the mood takes me. In actual fact, I do not always think about what is about to take place. When I decide to paint, once I begin to put paint on the canvas or paper, something happens at that time.
  • Exuberance of the Orient and the Western in Contemporary Art  By : Suzanne Macguire
    Contemporary art is not just free expression of thought; it is an intermingling of cultures- the Orient and the Western. Herein crops up avenues for the birth of new art genres with fresh appeal.
  • The When and How of Modern Art  By : Suzanne Macguire
    The article tries to trace the origin of modern art. Know how Michelangelo can truly be termed as a modern genius.
  • Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) - The Undisputed Father of Modern Art  By : Annette Labedzki
    Paul Cezanne was a famous French, Post-Impressionist painter, born on January 19, 1839 at Aix-en-Province of France, to father, Louis-Auguste Cezanne, and mother, Anne-Elisabeth Honorine Aubert. Paul was the owner of a banking firm, which his father co-founded. This made him financially independent and therefore, he carried on his work without any financial concerns. The painter started his lessons on art from an early age of 10 under a Spanish monk, Joseph Gibert at St Joseph boarding school.
  • Conceptual Art - The Best and the Worst of Modern Art  By : Annette Labedzki
    "Conceptual Art" treads the thin line between what we generally think as "artistic" and what as "non-artistic." While most of us do associate the skills of the artist as the primary requisite for a great art, a thought process gives the concept much more weight. "Conceptual Art" is the baby of the latter.
  • Abstract Art: a Breakthrough in Artistic Expression  By : Suzanne Macguire
    The origins of abstract art can rightly be attributed to the imagination of man. Abstract art is distinguishable from fantasy art, which makes imaginative characters and myths its subject. It is closer to reality as it reflects the real in figurative terms. In other words, abstract art depicts real forms in a simplified or rather reduced way, keeping the original subject the same.
  • Modern Art Vs. Contemporary Art  By : Suzanne Macguire
    Modern art is not synonymous to contemporary art. The former encompasses only those works that have been created in the first half of the 20th century. Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism- they all form a part of modern art. Contemporary art, on the other hand, signifies those works done at the present time or in the very recent past.
  • Pop Art - Extracting Consumer Driven World From the Shallows of Darkness  By : Annette Labedzki
    Pop Art, a peculiar artistic innovation of the twentieth century, centered on the growing interests of several artists in mass media, advertising, comics, and consumer products imagery. English critic, Lawrence Alloway, in a 1958 issue of Architectural Digest, first used the term, 'Pop Art.' 'Pop Artistry' displayed the celebration of post-war consumerism, challenging the psychology of 'Abstract E
  • Realism in Contemporary Art  By : Charles Griffith
    Understanding the role that Realism has played in the history of Western art, its relationship with abstraction, and its place in the art of the 21st century.
  • Why Abstract Art?  By : Lilia Parker
    The inner dimension behind Abstract Art
  • Different Styles and Forms to Abstract Art  By : James Hunt
    Abstract art is known as art that is not an accurate representation of a form or object. What this means is that you will not see a definite shape or figure in the art, you will have to look at it closely and interpret what you see. The art itself is differed in many ways including color and form. The artist sees something in the painting and artwork.
  • Defining Abstract Art  By : Lynne Taetzsch
    The term “abstract art” is like the term “modern music” in the sense that it is a very broad umbrella sheltering a wide variety of art. But like “abstract math,” the general sense of the term is that it is the opposite of the concrete, or “realism.”
  • Dog Artists David Hockney, William Wegman, and George Rodrigue  By : Melanie Light
    David Hockney, William Wegman, and George Rodrique, all still alive today, have not arbitrarily juxtaposed canines in their works but have put their furry friends on center stage - to soak up the limelight, offering the art world new glimpse of man’s best friend.
  • Modern Art and the Compexities Involved  By : Nathan Jelovich
    Modern art is typically thought to have started in the late 19th century and was a prominent form of art until the mid to late 20th century, typically understood to have ended around the 1970s.

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