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  • Yamaha Bikes Are Preferred  By : Max Luke
    The Japanese company called Yamaha started making motorcycles in 1995 and they have been a large hit with many owners since that time. There have been numerous models that have achieved a cult status among bike lovers all over the world.
  • The Top Motorbiking Roads in Europe  By : alexsavesamillion
    Riding on Harley with the wind in your face and‘Born to be Wild’ on repeat in your head what more could you want? Well how about a road with twists and turns, an outstanding view and something to get your heart rate going?
  • Motorcycle Safety Tips  By : Jazel Tennings
    Motorcycles can be a good choice for commuting. They consume a lot less gasoline than cars, they take up less room on the road and in parking lots, and they're just plain pleasurable to ride. The bad news is that they are more dangerous to drive than cars. There are some steps you can take to make it as safe as practical.
  • Prominent Harley Davidson Bikers  By : John Depo
    Though it isn't well-known the very first woman to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle was likely Janet Davidson. Janet was the aunt of Arthur, Walter and William Davidson. She assisted her nephews by making use of her creative abilities to paint pinstriping and words on their motorcycles.
  • Famous and Infamous Harley Davidson Riders  By : C. Willis
    Over its 100+ year history, Harley Davidson has shared the spotlight with many of the top names in American culture.
  • My New Blue Cushman Motor Scooter  By : Dale R Smith
    Whenever I see one of the new and modern motor scooters travling briskly along, a brief, sharp pang of emotion traces through my thoughts. A bit of memory causes me to stop for a moment. Although the modern motor scooters are much classier than my first scooter, there is still a connection. The first scooter that I enjoyed for many years was a Cushman and a lot of enjoyable memories return when it come to mind.
  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rallye - 2010  By : Dale R Smith
    Bison once wandered freely across the plains of South Dakota. Indian warriors hunted the beasts for their preservation followed by their tribes. All are almost gone now but have been replaced by modern day Indians, Harleys and an abundance of foreign motors as modern-day iron horses. In the fall of each year, in early August, scores of motorcycle aficionados swarm into town for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rallye.
  • Supercross Could Be Called Motocross On Steroids!  By : Dale R Smith
    Have you heard of supercross? Supercross bike racing is a hobby that is all the rage in America. On the other hand, regardless of that attractiveness, there are still countless individuals who have no thought what supercross is. If you are one of those individuals, you are urged to learn about this game. It is so pleasurable, exciting, and action packed that there is a good chance that you will be a supercross motorcycle fan, in no time at all.
  • Motocross Is An Exciting Sport For Young Children  By : Dale R Smith
    Are you a parent of a young child? If so, whether you are the blood relation of a boy or a girl, you will uncover that your kid could be interested in supercross motorbike racing. Supercross motorcycle racing is a sport that is popular among individuals of all ages; however, the action packed excitement is what appeals to most teenagers and other offspring.
  • Motorcycle Riding Tips  By : Jazel Tennings
    Motorcycles can be a fantastic option for commuting. They consume a lot less gasoline than cars, they take up less room on the road and in parking lots, and they're just plain enjoyable to ride. The bad news is that they are more dangerous to drive than cars. There are some steps you can take to make it as safe as practical.
  • Some Impressive Razor Scooter Tricks for You  By : Vicki Pemberton
    The razor scooter is very similar to skateboards, BMX bikes, etc. There are a lot of wonderful tricks you can become skilled at, some more fanatical than others, of course. In this article, I am going to tell you how to do some different tricks with step by step directions.
  • History of the Harley Davidson Brand  By : Joseph Wunsch
    This article is about the history of the extremely well known motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson, which has been around since the very early 1900's, making it the oldest motorcycle manufacturer that is still in business, and only one of two that was able to survive the great depression.
  • Getting a Harley-Davidson Bike  By : Wayne Powell
    There are a lot of things to reflect on when purchasing a Harley-Davidson motorbike. Hope this article helped you make your mind up which one is right for you.
  • Police Motorbikes and Harley Davidson  By : Wayne Powell
    "There is something indisputably appropriate about a cop on a Harley-Davidson."
  • The Harley-Davidson Story  By : Alan Liptrot
    William Harley was 21 when he drew up plans for an 116cc engine, which was built and fitted to a pedal cycle. That was in 1901. He was joined by his friend Arthur Davidson, and together they worked on what was really a motor-bicycle. With the help of Arthur's brother, Walter, they completed the project in 1903, however the boys were so dissatisfied with their first attempt, they scrapped the bike, but not without gaining valuable experience along the way.
  • The Extraordinary Motorcycle Sidecar  By : Alan Liptrot
    Some would be surprised to learn that Jaguar Cars began their life as a sidecar manufacturing company. They first appeared on the scene at the beginning of the twentieth century, with early wicker models looking more like a cradle than a bona fide method of carrying passengers, but development moved on quickly as car body builders moved into the sector. Wicker was out, replaced by both open and covered models of various quality.
  • Returning To The Motorcycle  By : Alan Liptrot
    So you fancy getting back on a bike again, but it's been a while hasn't it? Are you sure you really want to do it? Have you forgotten how cold and wet it was? Can't you remember that crash helmet with the target design you used wear, in an attempt to send a not so subtle message to the car driver who uses his mobile phone at the wheel, or fiddles with a CD when he should be looking out for you?
  • Who Invented The Motorcycle?  By : Alan Liptrot
    So that's it then. Germany takes the glory; Daimler invented the,no,no. There's a dispute, for eighteen years earlier in 1867 an American, Sylvester Howard Roper invented a two-cylinder steam driven motorcycle. It had a forged-iron and hickory frame and iron shod wooden wheels which must have provided a very uncomfortable ride. I don't know how practical this machine was, but suffice to say, it was powered by coal. The firebox and boiler were suspended on springs from the fr
  • The Triumph Of The Triumph  By : Alan Liptrot
    History sometimes throws up some strange truths, no more so than that which tells us, that the most British of motorcycles owes its existence to a German. One Seigfried Bettmann, an immigrant from Nuremberg, began a company named the "S.Betmann and Co. Import Export Agency" in London in 1884. As an ambitious 20 year old, Bettmann bought and sold bicycles and imported sewing machines from Germany.
  • Choosing the perfect motocross tire  By : Rob Shoemaker
    Finding the right motocross tires in this day and age can be quite a challenge. There used to be one hot setup that every motocross racer used from the late 80's all the way into the early 2000's. This tire set-up consisted of Reiken radial front tires that were specifically grooved for racing use and the rear tire of choice were turf tamers cut for motocross racing. This has been the norm in the motocross world due to the lack of contribution from tire manufactures. Around 2003 that all changed when ITP introduced the holeshot tire. This tire changed the tire selection world forever by providing a race ready tire right from the manufacture. No grooving was required and the tire was formulated with high end rubber compounds to produce a tire that had really good bite and also had really good wear characteristics.

    As the demand for a more race proven tire's increased ITP re formulated the holeshot tire several times and created the holeshot xc and holeshot mx tires. Each tire was specifically catered towards either xc racing or mx racing. The xc tire being more robust with a thicker sidewall and had tighter knob spacing to increase surface area for the rougher xc courses. The mx tire has wider spaced knobs for improved bite on the loamy motocross tracks, but also has enough flex to hook up on hard pack track conditions as well. From here both tires evolved more and more to cater toward the racer. The mxr tire was manufactured and preformed well on harder pack tracks. Shortly after that they introduced the mxr4 tire which was made to endure the torque of the modern four stroke engine. ITP has come along way since the original holeshot tire was manufactured. They now have an massive tire choice that caters towards any type of riders' style and preferences.

    Soon other tire manufactures caught onto the trend and started to produce their own motocross tire. Kenda developed the klaw tire. The rear tire of this design was reversible so that the rider could run them one way for mild to hard pack tracks and run them the other way for loamy and soft track conditions. Maxxis also had good tires but in my opinion they catered more towards the xc world as there mx tire was not the most top performing tire on the market. My personal choice in tire combination was kend klaw front tires, they had a great tread pattern good traction and they lasted a long time. I ran BKT x-drive tires in the rear. These tires were inexpensive and hooked up very well. The rear end of my quad was always sticking and they got the power to the ground right now.

    There are now many choices when it comes to choosing the best racing tire for you. It can be hard to settle on a particular brand or tread pattern. The only way to know which one to get is to experiment with them all. If your buddy has different tires than you can ask him how he likes them and ask him if you can take a spin on his quad to test them out. When you are at your next race ask around in the pits and see what the faster riders are running and ask how they like them. Finally the next time you are at a national see what the pros are running. Most of them are great to talk to if you catch them at the right time. The best time to ask about their tire selection would be in the morning a few hours before the first moto, this way you will be sure not to disturb their concentration on the race.
  • Ten Motorcycle Tourers  By : Rodger Ewing
    It's not easy choosing a new tourer. Each has its own advantage, be it price, build quality or range of accessories. Here are ten to consider.
  • The Metamorphosis of Suzuki  By : Rodger Ewing
    From cotton weaving looms to one of the most respected motorcycle and car manufacturers in the world, Suzuki has adapted with the times.
  • Ducati, A Brief History  By : Rodger Ewing
    From radio components to a range of some of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world. There's no wonder that Ducati owners are some of the most loyal motorcyclists there are.
  • Buying a Motorcycle - Ten Great Tips  By : Rodger Ewing
    I know you want to get your hands on your new baby, but don't dive in head first. Read this and save yourself a little grief and a lot of money.
  • A Brief History of Yamaha  By : Rodger Ewing
    From the outset, Yamaha built reliable machines that captured the imagination of the public. Today, they continue the tradition.
  • The History Of Kick Scooters  By : Alex Stacey
    The history of the kick scooter is quite interesting. Since kids have great imaginations that are uninhibited by doubt, they can create just about anything to keep themselves occupied with fun. The first kick scooters were invented by taking roller skate wheels and attaching them to a small plank of wood.
  • Are You Looking for Used Motorcycles for Sale?  By : Harley James
    If you are in the market for a cycle and want the best value for your hard earned dollars then you want to be looking for used motorcycles for sale. Let us look at it this way, there are a lot of different things you take into consideration when you decide to buy a motorcycle, but the top priority is
  • Know Your Knucklehead From Your Shovelhead? A Glossary of Harley Davidson Terms  By : Steve Murray
    No bike manufacturer uses so many unique terms as Harley Davidson. This can often lead to confusion by bike fans who don't know their knuckleheads from their shovelheads. This article explains some common terms.
  • Vespa Scooter Longings  By : Scott David
    This singular scene catapulted the Vespa as a cultural icon. Vespa scooters have their cult following. Vespa’s design was derived from wasps hence the name. As a matter of fact, wasp if translated into Italian is called vespa. Scooters are perfect for the old narrow and cobbled Roman streets.
  • Harley-Davidson History  By : B Corcoran
    Harley-Davidson history is long and proud and began at the start of the 20th century. The beginnings of this American icon were very humble. In 1903, Davidson brothers Arthur and Walter along with William S. Harley built a single cylinder motorcycle in a wooden shed built by cabinet making William C. Davidson. The Davidson brother's aunt Janet painted the pin-stripes on the first few Harleys.
  • Motorcycle Traders Like Stamps Or Coins  By : Frank Vanderlugt
    Motorcycles are in some ways like stamps or coins. Some people
    get very hooked on the beauty and style of the motorcycle and
    want to collect them. Some motorcycle collectors will base their
    collection around a particular brand like Harley Davidson. Their
    goal will be to collect as many different models and years of
    motorcycles, especially the very early models or signature

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