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  • Music And Art: Bringing Nations Together  By : Anatoly Podkopov
    Music and art are two methods of communicating that need no translation. Music can evoke the same emotions anywhere in the world, no matter what the language. It is, quite literally, a universal language. Image can depict the same response no matter which language you speak.
  • The Story of Jazz  By : slivenqxme
    When Jazz Music became a recognized category of music, it earned the era a nick name known as the "Jazz Age". The band leaders who became famous as Jazz musicians were Paul Whiteman, Ted Lewis, Harry Reser, Leo Reisman, Abe Lyman, Nat Shilkret, Earl Burnett, Ben Bernie, George Olson, Bob Haring, Vincent Lopez, Ben Salvin and many more.
  • The Unique Music of Hawaii  By : Virginia Hall
    Whether you are a music fan or not, nobody can deny that the music from Hawaii is a beautiful mix of flowing lyrics and rhythms that truly capture the feeling of the islands. Listen to Hawaiian music whether you are into reggae, steel guitar, Jawaiian or slack-key there is something for everyone!
  • A Brief History of Jazz Music  By : L Law
    Jazz became popular as a musical genre in the United States in the early 20th century, but originated in the l9th century in the South. The Atlantic Slave Trade brought over half a million Africans to America and with them came musical influences from their native land. As African americans learned
  • The Romantic Era of Music  By : L Law
    The Romantic Era was the music of Western civilization in the 19th century. Some of the most notable composers of the Romantic Era were Beethoven, Berlioz, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Schubert, Chopin, and Wagner. Beethoven is the most difficult to place because much of his earlier compositions we
  • Learning Classical Guitar the Right Way  By : Ben Dressen
    What are the basic principles to learning classical guitar? What steps should you take to get to the level of your favorite classical guitarist fast? If you've been at it for a while, or maybe you've just picked up your first sheet music/tab piece, it's time to learn the path that will take you from newbie to a classical guitar monster.
  • Music Production: Commercial Sound Through Professional Audio Mastering  By : Arne Reichelt
    The music industry today is highly competitive. Mastering engineers play a crucial role in a music mastering procedure. In an audio mastering studio the tracks get screened through ultra-precision mastering monitors.
  • Is Music Important in Healthy Living?  By :
    Music is a key element in healthy living. Music can affect your personality, your mood, you life in general. Music is a key to improving the overall quality of your life. Learn how to take this simple fact to turn your lifestyle into a long health one.
  • Heroes of Classic Rock  By : Matthew Kepnes
    This music is a term used loosely to describe the music released in the early to late 70's by artists which have become legendary and therefore "classics". These bands are so historic everyone still listens to them. The majority of these artists were highly original and would become influential
  • All About The Art Of Music - Learn About Practical Facts  By : Nathan Knightley
    When I first started studying the history of music, I did not realize what I was getting into. I had thought that music history was like a trivial pursuit.
  • Music: Who Wants To Live Without It?  By : Hareswith
    Music has always played a major part of my life, as from the earliest age I can remember classical music constantly playing in our home. Dad had a lot of 78s and an electric player which required frequent needle changes. In fact I used to watch him change them religiously every eight plays not something he would let anyone else do!!
  • The Renaissance - Part 2  By : Michael David Shaw
    The great principles underlying all Renaissance work was that of faithfulness to nature, as opposed to faithfulness to tradition, which had been the sheet anchor of pre Renaissance art and letters.

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