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  • Training Equipment  By : LTW Supplies
    Good training equipment for martial arts crosses boundaries between old and new pieces of kit unchanged for centuries used in conjunction with high-tech modern gym fixtures.
  • The History of Stun Guns and the TASER  By : James R Shaw
    The idea for stun guns actually stems from the electric chair. First used in the late 1880's, this invention led to electricity being used to torture prisoners. These weapons were strong enough to cause pain, but not powerful enough to kill the prisoner.
  • C2 Taser: The Compact Civilian Taser Has Finally Arrived  By : Carlton Straeker
    The C2 Taser is a truly compact and non-lethal weapon available to civilians. Now, law-abiding citizens can confront, when cornered with no avenue of escape, a criminal armed with a gun or a knife. This article will explore the capabilities and limitations of the C2.
  • Advancements in Defensive Chemical Agents  By : Carlton Straeker
    Not until recently have some pepper sprays improved their effectiveness by increasing the active ingredient, OC, by 10% and by formulating a mixture of pepper and tear gas, even adding UV dye to their contents. However, the biggest jump in chemical spray technology is its methods of delivery.
  • Kubotan: Diminutive And Subtle But Packs A Punch  By : Carlton Straeker
    A simple yet effective mini-baton that can be used as a self-defense tool.
  • Escrima Stick versus Expandable Baton  By : Carlton Straeker
    Which one would you choose between the two? I bet that the majority of the public would pick the expandable baton since it is flashier. Witnessing the baton being whipped out with a distinct locking sound seem sensational. Compare that with seeing a plain Escrima stick at the ready without dramatic and sound effects would seem dull. However, the essence of these impact weapons does not lie in their initial execution but with their purpose.
  • The Finer Points of Choosing the Right Non-Lethal Self-Defense Devices  By : Carlton Straeker
    This article guides the reader to the right path in choosing the most functional and non-lethal self-protection devices such as Kubotans, pepper sprays, stun guns, and Tasers, including the pocket knife.

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