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  • The Story Of Pearl Culture  By : Gen Wright
    The history of cultured pearls in fairly young, slightly more than 100 years old.But it is fascinating history shaped by three generations devoting to and working towards an ideal of the perfect pearl, working in humility and harmony with the unpredictable forces of nature.
  • Freshwater Pearls  By : Jamie Hanson
    When it comes to buying the perfect and unique gift for the one you love, you can't go wrong with getting them any type of jewelry made out of multi-colored freshwater pearls. A freshwater pearl necklace is a great way to tell someone that you think they are unique and beautiful, just like the gift you are giving them.
  • Pearls Pearls Pearls  By : Jamie Hanson
    With all of the controversy that has come up with the conflict behind the harvesting of diamonds, more and more people are turning to other options for beautiful jewelry to give to their loved ones for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Some Pearly Wisdom on Jewellery's Treasured Bauble  By : Lewis Jewlers
    When 1 thinks of classic plus timeless jewellery, pearls are always a gem which return to mind. One of jewellery's the majority of treasured gems, pearls have long been associated with nobility, wisdom, purity and romance. Pretty amazing, considering pearls come back from such humble origins.
  • An Introduction To Pearls  By :
    Does this sound like you? "I have a drawer full of very nice pearl necklaces. My problem is I'm terrified to list them lest I should violate any fraud laws. I have bought two books, read numerous articles, taken several to my jeweler who gave an opinion about a few of them and executed numerous "tooth" tests trying to be really sure about whether or not they are real." – ‘Does anyone else have this problem? I window-shopped on several different e-commerce sites, to see what is being offered.
  • Gems From The Ocean: Pearl Jewellery  By : Mark Bailey
    Pearls have long been one of the more exotic and treasured gems. After all, pearl jewellery comes from a unique source: a gem from the ocean.
  • Pearls, About: Fast Fabulous Pearl Facts  By : Janet K. Nelson
    Pearls and the oysters that produce them are an art form as well as a coveted worldwide industry. This article provides basic information so you can get involved. The variety of pearls and opportunities to enjoy them in combination with precious and semi-precious gemstones is broad and beautiful.

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