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  • The History and Popularity of Tricycles  By : James R Shaw
    Tricycles are often ridden by young children who haven't quite gotten the hang of balancing on a bicycle. Similar to a bicycle, except with three wheels instead of two, they may also be used by adults for a variety of reasons, including commercial transportation or by elderly or disabled riders.
  • Kids Ride-On Toys - Styles and History  By : James R Shaw
    Ride on toys and vehicles for kids have been popular for over a century. Although they have been around for many generations of kids, they became very popular in the first half of the nineteenth century. Classic riding toys include the pedal car and the bicycle. For children too young for a bicycle, wagons and tricycles provided plenty of entertainment.
  • Murray Pedal Cars  By : James R Shaw
    Although pedal cars date to around the time the Murray company was founded, they are not known to have offered a range of pedal toys until 1940. In 1940 and 1941, they produced many different Murray/Steelcraft pedal toys, mainly modeled after Chrysler, Pontiac, and several other actual car makes rather than new designs specifically meant for pedal cars.
  • Sad Face Pedal Cars and Other Popular Murray Models  By : James R Shaw
    The Murray "Sad Face" car was manufactured from 1950-1951 to 1958, and today remains one of the most popular pedal car lines ever made. These "Sad Face" cars are so named because of the shape of the front of the car, which forms a downward curve.
  • The History of Pedal Cars  By : James R Shaw
    In the 1890's, the first pedal cars were introduced, modeled after the first automobiles to appear on the roads. Nearly as soon as the Model T was introduced, children's pedal car versions of these real cars were created.
  • Fire Truck History 1900 - 1960  By : James R Shaw
    By the turn of the century, fire trucks became more and more necessary as many towns switched from volunteer to professional fire departments. Crowded cities required newer technology with efficient water pumps that were more mobile than previous steam-driven fire engines. Still, many smaller fire departments continued to use steam powered fire engines until as late as 1920
  • Radio Flyer, Awards And Achievements  By : Gary Clay
    Radio Flyer wagons and tricycles have been named the worlds best selling toys time and time again. Their products have won numerous awards from prestigious agencies including Parents Choice, The Great American Toy Test, Dr. Toy, and Parents Guide to Childrens Media. Many of the company's toys have also been given the National Parenting Centers Seal of Approval.

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