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  • The Many Uses of Postcards  By : Kate Manheaven
    Postcard printing is an essential marketing tool most especially for medium sized businesses. Any business must have this tool as part of their marketing strategy because postcards are generally easy to design and inexpensive.
  • Post Cards: Chrome Era -- 1939 to Present  By : Aubrey Walker
    In 1939 the Union Oil Co. of California began publishing postcard views of Southwestern scenes which were given away as premiums in the company's service stations. The Union Oil cards introduced new printing technology. Cards were printed in four-color half-tone process with a varnish overcoat called photochrome probably because of their link to Kodak's newly introduced Kodachrome color reversal
  • Post Cards: British Seaside Postcards  By : Aubrey Walker
    In 1894, British publishers were given permission by the Royal Mail to manufacture and distribute picture postcards which could be sent through the mail. Early postcards were pictures of famous landmarks, scenic views, photographs, lighthouses, animals or drawings of celebrities and so on. With steam locomotives providing fast and affordable travel the seaside became a popular tourist destination.
  • Memories with a View: The History of Postcards  By : James Hunt
    Beautiful to look at and fun to collect, postcards have been a favored means of traveling communication for many years. Even in these modern days, when the penned letter is often neglected in favor of email, postcard sales continue to hold their own.
  • Boring Postcards - Martin Parr  By : Steve Yeardley
    160 boring postcards of the British Isles, reproduced as they have been found, actual size, from the collection of the great iconoclast of British photography, Martin Parr. This is a serious art book, a depiction of a tragic Britain with tragic taste, and a photographic entertainment which a large audience will enjoy.
  • How Old Is My Postcard? Part 4  By : Richard Moody
    The fifth postcard era is called the White Border Era since a common trait of these cards was a white border around the image. This era began after World War I ended the "Golden Age of Postcards" and ran from 1915 to 1930. World War I in Europe ended access to the high quality printers in Germany and the rest of Europe and American publishers fired up their presses to fill the void.
  • How Old Is My Postcard? Part 3  By : Richard Moody
    The third era I will discuss is called the "Undivided Back Era 1901-1907" but just keep in mind that the two previous eras I discussed also were undivided back eras. On 24 December 1901, the United States Congress granted permission to use "Post Card" on the back of privately printed issues and allowed the regular size postcard of today but still limited the back of the postcard to just the addres
  • How Old Is My Postcard? Part 2  By : Richard Moody
    The American postcard history is generally divided into seven eras spanning 1893 until the present day. The first picture postcard originated in Europe in the 1860s and the US began flirting with them during the civil war with envelopes and letterheads with patriotic designs and trade cards. The US government issued their first official postcards in 1873 with a postage rate of one cent while lette
  • How Old Is My Postcard? Part 1  By : Richard Moody
    Determining the age of a postcard is a task that can range from easy to impossible and requires knowledge, a keen eye, research and lots of luck. If we are talking about a used post card, many people will just use the postmark date or the date written by the sender in the message. Postmarks are great for determining a postcard is at least "X" number of years old but it is really only good for ...
  • Postcard Reference Books  By : Richard Moody
    "Buy the book before the coin" was the slogan of a book dealer for coin collectors over 30 years ago and that is still good advice today and also applies to postcards and any other collectible. Just about every hobby has books to help the collector and postcard collectors have a wide range of helpful books. If you are just beginning, I would suggest "The Postcard Price Guide" by J. L. Mashburn whi
  • The Joy of Collecting Postcards  By : Jay Corbin
    Postcard collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in
    the world. The Internet makes it easy to track down favorite
    artists, postcards from your childhood, or beautiful pictures of
    the world around you. Whether you're a serious collector or just
    some who likes the pictures, postcard collecting is an amazing
    and exciting hobby.
  • International Postcard Exchange  By : Roberto Bell
    Collecting postcards is a great hobby for people in all ages. Itís cheap, popular and gives a lot of fun. It can be helpful if you want to learn foreign languages and find pen pals from all over the world.

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