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  • A brief study through the history of wedding ring  By : Mark Fisher
    The wedding rings are not just the element of historical tradition. It is as much relevant in the modern situation as was it earlier.
  • Going through the history of engagement rings  By : Mark Fisher
    Engagement rings bear a special significance in your married life. So choose an engagement ring carefully and with love.
  • Washing of Diamond Wedding Rings  By : Mark Fisher
    The purpose of any diamond ring setting is to hold the diamonds firmly in the mounting and at the same time allow light to enter the diamonds for maximum brilliance. So make sure your diamond merchant guarantees this.
  • Titanium Wedding Rings For Eternity  By : Andy Moquin
    Titanium wedding rings can be an excellent option for those couples seeking something a little different. With its strength, durability, affordability, and hypo-allergenic properties, titanium jewelry will last forever.
  • That Unique Diamond Wedding Ring  By : ghostevyta
    Selecting wedding rings for your wedding is a fun and important activity. There are so many options on offer - diamond wedding rings, antique and vintage rings, platinum rings and wedding ring sets. And if you are looking for something different, a unique wedding ring will not be easy to find. Here are some tips on how you can find a unique ring just for your loved one.
  • Famous Diamond Wedding Ring Sets  By : ghostevyta
    If you are planning to propose there is no better way to do it than with a diamond wedding ring set. The custom of using a diamond ring to signify marriage has been around since 1477 when Maximillan I of Austria gave a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy. The idea of the ring was to bring together the two houses and show the country the unification of the bond they shared.
  • Guide For Purchasing A Diamond  By : ghostevyta
    You have decided to buy a diamond for yourself or someone special. Now what? Knowledge is the key to getting the right diamond, which means you need advice for purchasing a diamond.
  • Tips Before Choosing a Wedding Ring  By : ghostevyta
    There is a huge array of diamond wedding rings available today, and choosing the one that will be with you for a lifetime is a serious affair.
  • The History Of Promise Rings  By : Mae Smith
    Promise rings can be an ideal way for a couple to show the world that they are committed to each other. These types of rings come in a huge variety of styles and can be engraved with a favorite saying, song, poem or romantic phrase in many different languages.
  • History of Family Crest Rings  By : Dianne Hamments
    During the Middle Ages, family crest rings were beautiful pieces of jewelry that were used by members of the nobility to identify themselves as lords of the manor. Family crest rings can still be used to signify family membership, although now they are also used as a decorative fashion accessory.
  • What is a Claddagh Ring?  By : Dianne Hamments
    The design elements common to all Claddagh rings are two hands lovingly holding, embracing or caressing a heart, topped by a simple crown. It stands for loyalty, trust and faith. Claddagh jewelry is named after a small Irish fishing village located near Galway, Ireland.
  • Family Seal Rings - Useful in the Past, Stunning Jewelry Today  By : Dianne Hamments
    Family seal rings haven't been around for quite that long, but their history does go back to the feudal period of the Middle Ages, one thousand or more years ago.
  • The Symbolism Of Rings - Some Of The Reasons They Are Worn  By : Gregg Hall
    Some jewelry has symbolism that is quite evident just by the design of the piece itself such as that of a Christian cross which shows the wearer is a believer or that of a Star of David which of course stands for the religion of Judaism. Others may require a little more investigation but the ring is a piece of jewelry that is full of symbolism in itself regardless of the design.
  • Gothic Wedding Ring Looks Great  By : Wedding Rings
    When you think about Gothic wedding rings, many people think of it as negative. This is because of hearing the word Gothic.
  • Pearl Rings: A timeless pieces of jewelry  By : Jackson1990
    Pearls have long been valued as gemstones and in fact, they have been cultivated in different countries in recent years mainly for use in jewelry.

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