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  • An Guide To Rugs  By : Ray Cummings
    Movable carpets having finished sides are known as area rugs. This phrase had been previously used for the clothing employed by human beings to protect their dogs and cats from climatic changes. Rugs can be made use of atop your carpets or perhaps on the plain floor. They can be found in a variety of colours and also styles and help customize the appearance for the room.A number of the different types of rugs are:
  • Current Tapestry Trends  By : Mike Smith
    Tapestries are a wonderful creative expression, an art form, which has survived generations. Since about seven hundred years, tapestries have combined art with the practical necessity of home decoration. The year 2009 has seen the return of tapestries in all their glory as fabulous, fashionable pieces of home décor.
  • Getting Hooked on Rugs  By : Marie Wakefield
    Dating to the early 19th century, these hooked rugs (different from yarn sewn or rag rugs) originated in the New England states and Canadian Maritime Provinces. They were primitive and utilitarian, done with pictorial, floral and geometric designs, often portraying a subject from the maker's life: a home, farm, barnyard animals, pets, birds and flowers. Wool, flannel, and cotton pieces were cut into 1/4 inch-wide strips and then pulled in loops through a stiff woven backing such as burlap.
  • Area Rugs Through the Ages  By : Amanda Somers
    These days, there are many types of rugs that are available in the market. But do you know where it actually came from? Area rugs are generally divided into two main classifications: the Western and the Asian. It was found out that Western Area Rugs originated in Spain during the 13th century. These were woven intricately by those from the Islamic nations and were then imported.
  • Decorating With Large Tapestries  By : Gen Wright
    Many homeowners looking to decorate their walls have been neglecting tapestries. Most just look at paintings, photographs, and other artifacts. That is a shame because tapestries are one of the most unique and elegant wall decoration items that one can possibly find.
  • Discover the History and Art of Rag Rugs  By : April Kerr
    In the 19th century there were some communities like the Amish and Shakers who believed in living simple lives and no wastage. The womenfolk made designs and patterns using old clothes and rags which later were used for decorating homes. The early Americans used these rag rugs as a means of covering the holes on the walls of their cabins. This also proved to be a good way of training young girls.
  • Use Area Rugs to Beautify Your Rooms  By : vikram kumar
    There are several ways that you can employ to make the interiors of your home appear beautiful and exotic.
  • The Natural Beauty of Seagrass Area Rugs  By : vikram kumar
    There are different designs and styles of area rugs in the market. One of these is the seagrass rug, which comes in cool colors like tan, brown, and green.
  • The Modern Designs of Area Rugs  By : vikram kumar
    Whatever modern area rug you want to buy for your home, you have to make sure that it matches the interior design of your home.
  • Taking Care of your Karastan Rugs  By : vikram kumar
    One of the world’s finest area rug manufacturers is Karastan, making designs with high quality and luxurious appearance to delight customers.
  • Own a Karastan Oriental Rug Now  By : vikram kumar
    We all live in a fast changing world, and the need for us to feel warmth and comfort after a very tough day at work continues to grow.
  • Information on a Handmade Area Rug  By : vikram kumar
    Rugs have found their way into homes as an interior decoration. Nowadays, rugs and carpets are not only used to pad hardwood floors.
  • Everything You Need to Know about Karastan Rugs  By : vikram kumar
    Karastan, the leading manufacturer of rugs, is always known for innovation and excellence.
  • Choose the Best Oriental Karastan Rug  By : vikram kumar
    If you want to add more life to your flooring, you might probably consider using pieces of Oriental area rugs.
  • Beautify Your Home with Karastan Rugs and Save More  By : vikram kumar
    Many people choose hardwood flooring and wall carpeting to add beauty in their homes.
  • Area Rugs Go Way Back  By : vikram kumar
    We have used area rugs since the start of civilization. The Paleolithic men use rugs that are made from animal skin and reeds.
  • How Karastan Rugs Are Made  By : vikram kumar
    If you were able to purchase a Karastan rug with a discount, it’s a stylish steal.
  • All about Your Wool Area Rug  By : vikram kumar
    If you are thinking of livening up your room with a distinctive piece of art, your options are not limited to paintings, antique furniture, and ornamental plants.
  • Repairing Persian Rugs  By : Jennifer Breyer
    Repairing Persian rugs is important to keep them looking great and holding their value. This job can be a very delicate operation, however, and only someone who is qualified and experienced should be used to do the repairs.
  • Chinese Rugs  By : john alis
    China has produced hand-knotted rugs for thousands of years.
    There are reports of rugs being woven in north-central China, in
    the area around Ningxia, as early as 1696. However, there was
    never a real rug industry until the 1860’s when workshops were
    set up near Beijing and rugs were commissioned by the imperial
  • Moroccan Rugs  By : john alis
    Moroccan weaving began before the 17th Century by the Berbers,
    an indigenous tribe that occupied the Middle and High Atlas
    around the Plains of Marrakesh before the Arab invasion. The
    weaving, done by Moroccan women, produced rugs, blankets and
    fabric wall-coverings, for domestic purposes.
  • Persian Rugs  By : john alis
    Persians were some of the first carpet weavers in documented
    history. It is widely thought that Persian nomads used wool from
    their sheep and goat herds to create knotted rugs dating back to
    as early as 500 BC. The rugs were used in their tents to protect
    them from the harsh elements.
  • Tibetan Rugs  By : john alis
    Tibetan carpets were influenced more by tribal culture than Persian or Turkish
    design. What is unique about Tibetan rugs is that everything is virtually done by hand. Tibetans used wool from the tribes’ sheep or other animals, which created long, high quality shiny strands of yarn.
  • Types of Persian Rugs  By : Thomas Lindblom
    Persian area rugs are typically classified either as Persian
    Tribal Rugs or Persian City Rugs. Within these two categories
    the different Persian rugs get their names from the tribe or
    city in which they are designed and manufactured.
  • A Nain Persian rug - Simply Perfecta  By : Arnold Hexden
    These rugs come from a very small desert town called Nain, 150km
    from Isfahan, in the heart of Iran. The city of Nain has a
    relatively short history of carpet weaving; at the beginning of
    the 20th century they were renowned for their production of fine
  • Your Antique Caucasian Rug - From Legends And Lost Traditions  By : Arnold Hexden
    The weavers from Caucasus learned the art of rug-making in the
    16th and 17th centuries from the Persians and like all people
    living in mountainous areas, they conserved their legacy of
    mastering the carpet-weaving craft, by passing down their
    knowledge from generation to generation.
  • History of the Pazaryk Rug  By : Tony Sidney
    The oldest complete area rug was discovered by Russian Professor
    Sergei Rudenko in 1949 during the excavation of burial mounds in
    Southern Siberia, close to the border with Mongolia. The burial
    mounds were located in the Altai Mountains in the Pazeryk Valley.
  • Antique Oriental Rugs Dealers  By : George Royal
    These are the largest antique Oriental rug dealers, importers,
    providers, online galleries and companies available in the
    United States.

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