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  • Embroidery and Laces  By : Sarah Martin
    Embroidery is the art of decorating a fabric with thread and needle. Its origin is lost among the earliest historical peoples. Reproductions of needlework have been found on the statues and frescoes handed down to us from antiquity, but embroidery as we know it was developed along with the other textiles in Italy during the sixteenth century.
  • Redwork Embroidery Then And Now  By : David Faulkner
    Redwork embroidery is an old type of needlework that originated
    in England in the early years of the 19th century. It got its
    name from the color of the thread initially used for this
    particular type of embroidery.
  • Embroidery Around The World And Through The Ages  By : Debra F
    From the earliest times man has appreciated delicate and beautiful things. In fact, it is evidenced that as early as 3000 BC man began to decorate and embellish personal belongings using intricate needlework or embroidery.
  • History of Needlepoint  By : Jo Kefford
    There are conflicting opinions as to the terms describing needlepoint. The differences may result from the fact that needlepoint has come down to us from various countries and in various stitches. Briefly, needlepoint is embroidery on canvas, the most common stitch is half of a cross-stitch, which is also called ‘Tent stitch’.
  • The Five Basic Types of Needlepoint Stitches  By : carolyn mcneil
    Cross Stitches are probably the most popular type of stitch used today. Crossed Stitches are a principal stitch used in needlepoint tapestry. They are exactly what the name implies - stitches that are created by crossing the threads over each other. The size of the crossed stitch can vary, depending on the thickness of the thread and the gauge of the canvas.
  • The History of Sewing and Trimming  By : Korbin Newlyn
    Even in centuries past, people have always desired fashion in one form or another that was more than simply functional, but had traits of beauty as well. While you will find that a dress will cover up and keep a person warm, there is a world of difference from a plain dress and a dress that is truly stunning.
  • Review of the Hidden Secrets Of Needlework  By : John Williams
    I hope this article brings to those who appreciate the real
    value, the joys of creating pretty and exquisite pieces of work
    from vintage, old-fashioned craft patterns.

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