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  • Chinese Traditional Festival - Mid-Autumn Festival  By : Venturiwang
    According to Chinese lunar calendar, the 15th day of the 8th month is the Mid-Autumn Festival which is also known as the Moon Festival and one of the most important and traditional holiday in China. This article will show some information on origin and customs on Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • The Festivals in China Part - Two  By : Venturiwang
    This article is an introduction on Chinese variety festivals that not only include the Chinese traditional festivals but festivals created in modern times.
  • The Festivals in China - Part One  By : Venturiwang
    This article is an introduction on Chinese variety festivals that not only include the Chinese traditional festivals but festivals created in modern times.
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia - city and people  By : Jamie Hanson
    Russia, one of the beautiful countries in the world, is worth visiting. This incredible country is located between the continents of Europe and Asia.
  • China - a journey spanning 5 millennia  By : Rob Colbourne
    China is the most populous country of the world and one of the most ancient civilizations. The world is witnessing a great deal of evidence in China owing to its remarkable economic turnaround that has led to a booming travel industry in the country.
  • Ayers Rock: Australia's Crown Jewel  By : Mon Chichi
    Ayers Rock, Australia, that is now legally known by its aboriginal name "Uluru", is a gargantuan rock that rises up out of the ground and towers over the surrounding outback. It is of tremendous importance to Australia, both as an iconic national symbol, and as a point with intense cultural and spiritual importance to the resident aboriginal people.
  • China – a traveler’s fantasyland  By : Rob Colbourn
    China has become a very popular destination for travelers throughout the world who come here to witness its ancient culture and history.
  • History of Russia  By : Eduard
    The history of Russia begins with that of the East Slavs, the ethnic group that eventually split into the Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians. The first East Slavic state, Kievan Rus', adopted Christianity from the Byzantine Empire in 988, beginning the synthesis of Byzantine and Slavic cultures that defined Russian culture for the next seven centuries.
  • Treat Yourself This Summer With A Lavish Tour To Seychelles  By : karl donald
    Seychelles is one of the most happening places of the Indian Ocean. A country of 115 islands with some islands devoted for tourism, located four degrees below the equator. Mesmerising views, tropical fish, adventures of scuba diving, snorkeling, fly-fishing, canoeing, sailing, yachting, windsurfing, water skiing, hiking and biking are all second names to Seychelles.
  • A Comfy Holiday To Australia  By : karl donald
    Australia is also very recognised because of large number of Museums, Operas and hugely attractive sailing. It is a splendid island where people come to beaches for sailing and sightseeing. Sailing is also a popular sport. People there even own boats of themselves and enjoy sailing and boating specially in summer's weekends. Special parties and magnificent dinners are arranged at seashores and beaches. Australian beaches also offer diving which Australians are particularly fond of. There are traditional sailing ships, offering romantic views to couples.
  • Visiting Vietnam  By : karl donald
    It might be astonishing to you, but Vietnam is one of the most wonderful places to tour with your family if you want to spend your summer in a foreign country. It is like another Asia; where you will find a medieval world and a modern world that goes hand-in-hand without upsetting each other's course.
  • 10 More Things You Did Not Know You Could do in Bali  By : Joanna M Lawson
    Here the second part of my starter list of new things you may want to try when you are next in Bali. (For the first section, just search for “10 Things You Did Not Know You Could do in Bali”).
  • 10 Things You Did Not Know You Could do in Bali  By : Joanna M Lawson
    As they say, ‘one trip to Bali is never enough’. Vast, seemingly endless beaches, beautiful tropical landscapes, the fascinating culture, amazingly hospitable people and shopping for local crafts continue to attract repeat visitors to Bali, time and time again.
  • A Trip To Singapore  By : karl donald
    If you are an animal lover, Singapore is the right destination to hang out as it has the recognised butterfly park and insect kingdom that has a variety of almost 3000 species of insects. If fluttering birds are on your mind, then visit the Jurong Bird Park. With the beautiful crimson sunset, you are definite to love the Safari Park. Singapore is also well known for its jungle breakfast.
  • The Elephant and Monkey Puzzle of Thailand  By : Christine Oatley
    Animals have always played an integral part in Thai history and culture, and although there are snakes, tigers, buffalo and many mythical creatures the most popular of all the beasts are the monkey (ling in Thai) and the elephant (chang in Thai).
  • Simple Chinese cultural things that you should know  By : Michale Song
    Just because your Chinese host asked you personal questions regarding your marital status and your age or about your family background and income, you should not get upset. Such queries are common in Chinese culture and you as a visitor to China should accept them gracefully and answer them honestly.
  • When in China, do as the Chinese  By : Michale Song
    If you are planning a business trip to China, it is recommended that you study a bit about the Chinese culture first.
  • Understanding Japanese Culture  By : Michale Song
    You should not be surprised if you find traces of other cultures in Japanese culture too. This is what international culture is all about.
  • More about Japanese Culture  By : Michale Song
    Few people care to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of Japan that has provided the world with famous movie directors like Kurosawa Akira (1910-1998) and renowned artists like Ando Hiroshige (1797-1858).
  • Diving and snorkeling in Thailand - Life doesn't get any wetter!  By : Christine Oatley
    Along 2,000km of coastline, where Thailand's crisp white sandy beaches meet rich, warm waters there is an aquatic paradise just waiting to be explored. Whether you are snorkeling for the first time, hoping to learn to dive, or a fully qualified diver wishing to develop your experience, Thailand has some world-class dive sites that are perfect for an undersea adventure.
  • Discovering Thailand’s Natural World – Exploring National Parks  By : Christine Oatley
    Discovering Thailand through its national parks is a great way to get to know what “tropical rainforests” are like. Most of western world is not in the tropics and visiting the parks in Thailand is a whole new world.
  • Australia's Top Ten Attractions  By : Rodger Ewing
    The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia's awe inspiring attractions, but there much more to lure the discerning traveller.
  • What Makes Australia a dream Tourist Destination  By : Milton Doyle
    Apart from experiencing great shopping, great food and exciting entertainment in Australia, a tourist will be lured by the unique Australian attractions. Travour offers information on Australia tourist attractions
  • Tam Coc, a Popular Tourist Destination  By : Andynguyen
    Tam Coc is one of the well-known Vietnam travel destinations situated near the city Ninh Bihn of northern Vietnam. Tam Coc, which literally means three caves, is one among the best 21 tourist destinations of Vietnam.
  • The Delicacies of Hanoi  By : Andynguyen
    Vietnamese food is very different with other food in Southeast Asia. It is a blend of French, Indian, Malay food. Vietnam food incorporates the chilies of India and the banquet of France. Just recently, food from Vietnam has been voted as the world’s healthiest food.
  • Lanterns That Cast a Town: Hoi An Vietnam  By : Andynguyen
    A place so magical would bring you into a calm and serene state. Imagine a wonderful sea of lights that provides glorious pleasure to the human eye. A blanket of peace and a wave of fresh air is what you need these days.
  • Tourist Destinations in Japan  By : Mark1
    Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Osaka and Yokohama are popular tourist destinations in Japan. Embodying Japan’s rich heritage along with a cosmopolitan culture, these destinations attract tourists and travelers in droves. The best range of luxury and cheap hotels in Japan are found in these destinations.
  • Thai Food Festival  By : Mark1
    Thai Food Festival is one of the major tourist attractions of Thailand. The popularity of Thai cuisine around the world brings in food lovers to Thailand during this time. An intrinsic part of the Thai cultural map, Thai food festival offers an exquisite dining experience with Green Papaya Salad, Pandan Chicken, Seafood Hor Mok, Lamb and Salmon dishes.
  • Tenjin Matsuri Festival in Osaka, Japan  By : Mark1
    Tenjin Matsuri Festival is one of the celebrated festivals in Osaka in Japan. One of the characteristic features of the Tenjin Matsuri Festival in Osaka is a colorful procession, carrying the holy shrine. Tourists planning to watch this grand event, must book their accommodation early from online hotel booking sites.
  • Singapore Shopping Festival  By : Mark1
    Singapore Shopping Festival is all about color, vibrancy, fun, drama and excitement. One of the renowned shopping festivals of the world, Singapore offers its tourists an affordable shopping experience. There is a rush for hotel booking during this time. Online hotel booking sites can be the best solution with its elaborate list of hotels.
  • Hotels in Phuket, Thailand  By : Mark1
    Located to the south of Thailand, Phuket offers a memorable beachfront experience. With an endless variety of beaches, Phuket in Thailand offers a colorful variety of beach sports and leisure activities. Numerous luxury hotels and cheap hotels have come up in recent years to meet the maximum requirements of the traveler.
  • Hotels in Malaysia  By : Mark1
    Hotels in Malaysia combine excellent hospitality and exceptional modern facilities. Most of the hotels are conveniently located near the superb tourist attractions and several colorful activities. From high-end to cheap hotels, Malaysia has it all to meet every need of the traveler!
  • Hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  By : Mark1
    Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is home to a variety of hotels to cater to the business traveler and the leisure enthusiast. Online booking sites are the most preferred option to reserve hotels fast. This hassle-free process not only saves time, but money also.
  • Hot Springs in Japan  By : Mark1
    Hot Springs in Japan are typical of enjoying a Japanese style holiday experience. A luxurious bath at hot springs is best enjoyed in the Ryokan or the Japanese style inn. Several resorts and hotels are also located close to the hot springs in Japan. Hotels booking online guide provides important information on popular hotels enjoying close access to hot springs.
  • Beaches in Phuket, Thailand  By : Mark1
    The best beaches in Phuket, Thailand include Patong, Karon, Kata, Kalim, Rawai and Surin beaches. These beaches are ideal for enjoying a leisurely experience or indulging in a lot of water sports and other beachfront activities. Beach resorts and hotels near the Phuket beaches provide travelers the best comforts and luxuries.
  • Bangkok International Film Festival  By : Mark1
    The Bangkok International Film Festival has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2003. Today it attracts avid film lovers from all across t5he world. Apart from showcasing meaningful cinema, the Bangkok International Film Festival has upheld Thailand an internationally recognized center for entertainment.
  • Tasty Thai Food  By : Christine Oatley
    Thai food is lip-smackingly delicious, with flavors and ingredients that are reassuringly familiar, yet refreshingly exotic. Creamy coconut milk, sweet, juicy pineapple, fiery hot chillies, sour, zesty limes, salty fish sauce and a vast array of fresh herbs and spices combine to make every mouthful a delight.
  • Travel Tourism In Malaysia  By : Priya Singh
    These islands consist of humid tropical forest which is must for scenery lovers. It fascinates a mixture of international tourists as they can take pleasure in and pander to various fun games such as boating, sailing, river rafting and paragliding etc.
  • Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand  By : Mark1
    Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is often referred to as the City of Angels. Home to both traditional and cosmopolitan destinations, Bangkok offers the best holiday experience for the modern-day traveler. A luxurious and budget range of hotels have come up in Bangkok to meet the requirements of the vacationer.
  • Thailand Shopping Festival  By : Mark1
    Thailand Shopping Festival is a major attraction amongst shopping lovers from all over the world. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hat Yai, Songkla and Pattaya are the major centers for hosting the Thailand Shopping Festival. A range of luxury and cheap hotels are available near the important venues to make for maximum convenience.
  • Discount hotels in Japan  By : Mark1
    Japan in the Far East is a unique mix of tradition and modernity. Tourists revel in the unmatched holiday experience that Japan offers. Hakone, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kobe, Kyoto, Nagasaki and Osaka, the urban centers of Japan, are home to the finest discount hotels in Japan. Hotel booking sites offer the best discounts on luxuries and comforts for the convenience of the guests.
  • Beaches in Thailand  By : Mark1
    With an endless variety of beaches, Thailand boasts of one of the most popular beachfront destinations of the world. The best beaches in Thailand are found in Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Hua Hin and Krabi. A wide array of hotels and resorts have been built in these places to suit the mood and taste of the beach lover.
  • The most popular hotels in Thailand  By : Mark1
    The most popular hotels in Thailand are located around Bangkok, Hua Hin, Cha-am, Pranburi, Kanchanaburi, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi Phi Phi, Pattaya, Rayong, Koh Samet, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. These widely-known hotels cater to the maximum comforts and conveniences of the guests.
  • Hotels in Pattaya, Thailand  By : Mark1
    Pattaya in Thailand is the best place for getting a taste of both leisure and adventure. Home to a colorful variety of beaches, Pattaya is nothing less than a tropical paradise! Apart from exotic beaches, Pattaya boasts of dazzling nightlife, shopping and dining destinations. Several luxury and cheap hotels have mushroomed to cater to tourists and travelers.
  • Enigmatic Asia  By : michales
    Asia just like every other place is going to have its great points and its bad ones. There are tips for finding the right places to see on your next trip. Asia is going to take up a large part of the earth. Its total occupancy is going to be about a quarter. It is going to also have different time zones as well.
  • Luxury and Cheap Hotels in Australia  By : Anderson7
    Owing to its beautiful beaches, verdant national parks and exotic coral reefs, Australia, the sixth largest country of the world, attract tourists from far and wide. A wide variety of hotels-ranging from luxury to cheap hotels have sprung up to cater to the needs of the discerning traveler! Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane are home to some of the finest hotels in Australia.
  • Discovering the mystery of Pattaya  By : Mark1
    Pattaya Beach is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand and gets millions of visitors all round the year. There are numerous sightseeing located here. You can find a wide number of sea beaches, historical places, aquariums and monuments here. The place is alluring and offers a fantastic experience to casual trippers, backpackers and commoners alike.
  • A Holiday hub in Hong Kong  By : asiarooms
    Situated in Southern China, Hong Kong is one of the well known financial capitals of international importance. Once known as the fragrant port, Hong Kong has developed itself as a major business and cultural center of Asia as well as of the world. The city offers a wide range of tourist destinations where the tourists can have a wonderful time.
  • Thailand Travel on a Budget  By : Christopher Snyder
    This article presents a brief guide to preparing for your low cost trip to Thailand. We offer some important things to consider when preparing to travel to the "Land of Smiles".
  • Explore the Philippine Islands  By : Jose Maria Abada
    More than the usual- this is how the Philippine is positioned in the tourism block. The country is an archipelago and known officially as the Republic of the Philippines.
  • Pattaya – The Right Spot for Travellers in Thailand  By : Mark1
    Once you arrive in Pattaya, Thailand, you will immediately want to get out and about and see all of the sites and get a feel for what Pattaya has to offer you as a tourist. If you are just looking to relax and catch some sun rays, then you are in the right spot!
  • A Guide to Qatar hotels  By : davidbeste1
    Largely dependent on the revenue of foreign businesses as well as the industry generated by business visitors and tourists coming to see the multitude of attractions and unique features of the nation is Qatar as a nation. As a result, there is a nigh on confusing level of hotels available for people
  • Great Tourist Destinations in Adelaide, Australia  By : Journey Mile
    Adelaide, the state capital city of Southern Australia, has lots of interesting attractions to offer to its tourists. Anything, from its classical art galleries, museums, natural parks and garden, pristine beaches and great restaurants, name it. Read on to know more...
  • Queen of the Himalayas  By : asiarooms
    Darjeeling has captured hearts since the British times and still serves as a gateway to the eastern tourist spots of India. Its natural beauty coupled with the large number of tourist attractions has always drawn travelers to itself. Whether it is the tea or the toy train Darjeeling is forever ready to open up its splendors to the soul which seeks beauty in simplicity and naturalness. Modern times
  • A traveler’s guide to safety in Patong  By :
    Patong is the most popular part of Phuket, but as with any holiday destination, where you have a mass of tourists, you have a few risks, especially as Patong is party town and everyone is trying to make a quick buck.
  • Tourist Attractions of Cambodia  By : Mickle
    Cambodia offers excellent choices in tourist spots. Although Angkor Vat remains the chief crowd puller yet Cambodia’s natural beauty is just as magnificent. Apart from the fascinating rare flora and fauna, Cambodia also offers a history and culture as rich as it is colourful. Leaving behind its violent past Cambodia is fast emerging as the ‘it’ destination in South East Asia, this rise in tourism has led to a large number of good quality hotels coming up. Just like those who want value for money find a large number of options in Cambodia, those who have the penchant for the most luxurious vacations in exotic surroundings also flock to this place.
  • Perfect Love Spots  By : Journey Mile
    After a fairy tale patterned wedding, the next thing that couples do is to look for a perfect place where they could spend time together. Most couples would dream to have a romantic holiday vacation and enjoy the place with just the two of them. Read on to know more...
  • Thailand 2009 Safety  By : upena
    Traffic in Thailand can be crazy and many die especially during holidays – drinking and driving on motorcycles. So, be careful out there.
  • Thailand 2009 Crime-00-2218  By : upena
    Bangkok is safe considering it is a big city. Most crimes are self-inflicted with drunken tourists, drugs, or the dream of getting rich quick. Use your head, avoid the scams, and enjoy your holiday.
  • Perth, an Isolated Paradise City in Australia  By : Journey Mile
    One of the ideal ways of traveling around Australia would be to take a tour to its western side and that’s Perth, the capital and largest city of the Australian State of Western Australia. Owing to its vastness, everything you wish to see in this scenic land mass could be possible if you spend more time exploring its picturesque and awesome hot spots. Read on to know more...
  • Up Close With Sydney  By : Mico Blanco
    Traveling to Australia is worth it. Getting a travel visa or an Australian Tourist Visa is the ticket to simply join the crowd in Australia. With a blending of picturesque spots, high end technology, historical places and urban living, the city offers a great place for tourist destination.
  • Best Places to Visit in New South Wales, Australia  By : Vincent G Berkmans
    New South Wales is known as the site of the oldest European settlements, the most populated state and the largest city. It is also known to have the most

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