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  • Cheap Formal Dress - How To Blow them away On A Budget  By : Christina Meier
    How to make an impression in a cheap formal dress? You will get your answer right here. Every year there may be an abundance of events we would like or have to attend and we definitely do not want to be showing up in the identical dress on a regular basis, stunning as it may be). Now how are you to do it, when you’re on a budget? Of course you wish to look impressive, dazzling, beautiful and trendy, however the hundred dollar bills aren't growing in your purse, especially not several occasions a year, for that dance, and the wedding, where you’re going to be a bride’s maid, then there was . . ., oh yeah, and that party, where something semi-formal would be one of the best fit (and semi-formal does not equal semi-price-tag)
  • Caring For Your Linen Products  By : Gen Wright
    Like all natural fabrics, linen requires a specific type of care. Follow the instructions on the label, but also keep some basic tips in mind to make your linen last longer, and keep looking fresh and colorful for many long years.
  • Supreme Fashionista Jil Sanders Revealed  By : 4Ps--Marketing
    The fashion world was first graced with Jil Sander’s presence in the 1970s when the German-born fashion designer brought her trademark minimalist designs to the runways in Milan and Paris.
  • The History of Denim  By : 4Ps--Marketing
    Denim is perhaps the most worn item of clothing on the planet and its popularity can be put down to a number of things. Denim is made from rugged twill-woven cotton and is popular due to its sleek lines, diverse styles and durability. Denim is sometimes mistaken for cotton duck but is easily indentified from its diagonal ribbing that is produced from the way that the warp fibers intertwine with the weft.
  • Real Vintage versus Vintage Reproductions  By : Marge Leyden
    Another way to make sure what you are purchasing is REAL vintage is to check the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource. The Vintage Fashion Guild maintains the best label resource online. The label resource shows the fashion labels by designer or company name, from A to Z, along with the period the clothing and accessories were manufactured. To access the Vintage Fashion Guild Label resource visit:
  • Fred Perlberg - My Kind of Guy  By : Chris of Alley Cats Vintage
    Well known Fashion Designer Fred Perlberg started his own design business in 1920 at 525 7th Avenue which now houses designers such as Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller and Jones New York. Not much is seen of his earlier work up until about 1935 when he presented the first of his heavy high sheen satin gowns better known as liquid satin.
  • Find the Wackiest Kostumers for Halloween  By : aaronwatson
    Kostumers have been around since the birth of civilization. Halloween is a time when people can don kostumers of all sizes, shapes, and colours. You can dress up as a witch, a goblin or a vampire. Children look really cute dressed as little witches or goblins.
  • The History Of Ugg Boots  By : Gen Wright
    Learn the history of Ugg boots ~ the ultimate fashion statement from Australia.
  • Malaysian Batik  By : Jamie Hanson
    No trip to Malaysia is complete without a visit to the Batik Factories and breaking your head over w ...
  • The evolution of t-shirts  By : Neil Tug
    This articles explores the evolution of t-shirts, from underwear clothing to fashion items; a part of the new generation and a way to describe the zeitgeist
  • An Overview of the Corset  By : Jamie Hanson
    A corset is a garment worn to both mold and shape the body into a desired shape for fashion purposes and sometimes for medical purposes. Throughout history both men and women were known to wear corsets, though today women are more common wearers.
  • The 'Get It Right' 80s Vintage Clothing Guide  By : Milton Doyle
    Well it's official, the eighties are back with a vengeance! Love it or hate it, we guarantee you'll succumb to at least one eighties trend by the end of the year!
  • Kostumer: a glance at the evolution and revolution  By : aaronwatson
    Kostumer is a type or style of clothing, which conveys the identity and attributes of a culture. It oftens depicts the picture of an era, the social and economical condition of a country.
  • Break Away from Tradition: Save Money By Selling Your Wedding Dress Online  By : Stacey Lewis
    If you would like to list your wedding dress for sale or if you are interested in finding a gently used wedding dress, visit and start listing or bidding now.
  • The Corset!  By : TommyDo
    ost women today have never tried this much talked about ‘elixir’ of just the right outline, the corset. However, the corset is a gray-haired damsel in the world of fashion worn by women for thousands of years.
  • Mannequin heads can be used in several different situations.  By : Mufazzal Hussain Robel
    The second hand mannequin head is a life-size head that includes all of the features of a human face. Mannequin heads can be used in several different situations. They can be used to model hats, wigs, makeup, or be used as practice dummies by people learning to cut hair in beauty school. Second hand mannequins can be made to look like all types of people and are built to scale, giving them a lifel
  • Some Female mannequins are nothing but a head on a stand and are often used to display wigs  By : Mufazzal Hussain Robel
    Female mannequins are common in clothing stores. They are great for displaying clothes and giving shoppers a good idea how the clothes fit. There are many places to find mannequins for sale. People can buy them off the Internet or from shop mannequin stores that specialize in creating unique mannequins.
  • The History of Scrubs  By : Alice Lane
    Scrubs are a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of drawstring pants made of cotton. Scrubs are worn in a medical atmosphere. The name scrubs came from the practice of doctors meticulously washing or scrubbing their hands before performing surgery.
  • Vintage Fashion - Why It's Not Just Old Clothes  By : Karen Richards
    Some may think that vintage fashion is just a fancy way of saying second-hand or pre-loved. In the past dressing in cast-offs or hand-me-downs was usually done out of economic necessity and not by choice.
    People who wear vintage fashion nowadays know that it is more than outdated clothes found in thrift shops. Vintage is serious fashion.
  • Versatile Vintage Clothing – The Classics  By : Karen Richards
    Delve into vintage fashions, where the possibilities of creating your own style are endless. The classics are timeless clothes, as wearable today as the day they were made. They have simple lines – not too gimmicky or faddish. These versatile pieces fit easily into a modern wardrobe giving it a boost. Adding a classic article of vintage clothing makes an ensemble uniquely individual.
  • Classic Vintage Clothing Everyone Can Wear  By : Karen Richards
    What do denim, a white shirt and the "little black dress" have in common? Each is easy to wear and can be worn by everyone. Classic material and designs make these pieces essential in the wardrobes of young and old. If you are lucky enough to discover a well-made vintage example, don’t pass it up.
  • Traditional Ethnic Designs  By : Fiona Muller
    Block printing is a traditional Indian way of decorating clothing to produce beautiful designs. This article discusses some of the techniques used in the decoration of textiles.
  • Spring Colours  By : Fiona Muller
    Get into spring with a new look! this article gives you some ideas on colour and how to make the change with the new season.
  • Wardrobe Essentials: What every woman should have  By : Marcy Mills
    As we get older we tend to accumulate more clothes than we actually have time to wear! Instead, we should get wiser as we get older and put together a capsule wardrobe that we can mix and match. So what should the elegant maturer lady have as her wardrobe basics?
  • How To Buy In The Sales  By : Fiona Muller
    Sale shopping can be a minefield and end up with lots of wardrobe casualties. Stick to these rules and you can’t go wrong.
  • Wardrobe Resolutions  By : Fiona Muller
    Now is a great time to evaluate your wardrobe and see what you have too much of and get rid of your excess clothing. This article helps you evaluate your clothes and decide which to keep and which to get rid of.
  • The Workings Of Our Hats  By : Tom
    Hats, among the most well known types of head wear, are items of clothing placed on top of the head. Specific traits make the hat different from other forms of headgear. For example, a hat is different from a cap; hats have elevated peaks or brims or both peaks and brims. Hats are also bigger than caps.
  • The Continuing Legacy Of Hats  By : Tom
    A hat is an accessory worn on the head for decorative purpose or to protect you from the heat of the sun or cold weather. Many people have used hats as an ornament, as a social status symbol, and as protection throughout the times.
  • The History Of Swimsuits  By : Anja DuBois
    Swimsuits, swimming costumes or bathing suits are clothing designed to be worn while swimming. In ANZAC English, swimsuits are usually called 'togs'. Swimsuits can be skintight or loose fitting and range from modest garments to risqu garments. They are often lined with a fabric that prevents them from becoming transparent when wet; however, there are swimsuits, typically called sheer, which are specifically designed to be transparent when wet.
  • The History of the Venetian Mask  By : Steve Gink
    The history of the Venetian Mask is one which sounds as though it stems from fairytale or legend but which goes to show that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
  • Australian Fashion Trends  By : Abbey Turnbull
    Fashion varies with time and location. People of different place have different fashion taste. Australian fashion has a lot more casual approach compared to European fashion.
  • How to Create the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe  By : Marcy Mills
    Sort out the remaining clothes in to different colours. How many colours do you have? If not, then bung it in the charity pile! If you don’t already, next sort out your wardrobe in to winter and summer clothes. Now’s the perfect time to pack away all your summer skirts and linen dresses. Finally colour code your clothes.
  • Luxury Pyjamas – Officially Not An Oxymoron  By : Kris Smith
    Traditionally luxury pyjamas were almost seen as a oxymoron. The pyjama’s available on the high street (if you could find them) were designed for practicalities and comfort. Thankfully the growing sector of luxury loungewar and within that luxury pyjama’s means women need not trade comfy for frumpy or resort to impracticale to slinky numbers.
  • Luxury Pyjamas?  By : Kris Smith
    Can Pyjamas ever be luxurious? Or are they by definition the very opposite of luxury, as in they are practical, comfortable, shapeless and drab? It seems fitting then that a wardrobe staple that we spend half our lives in ought to be subject to some emerging brands to revolutionise the market and provide real choice and value to consumers without compromising on the luxury element.
  • Boxing Day  By : Fiona Muller
    What to wear on Boxing Day can be a bit of a dilemma. This article gives you a few hints to look good and feel fabulous during the holiday season.
  • Taxi To Table Wear  By : Fiona Muller
    ‘Taxi to table wear’ is a new way of keeping you warm but still being seen as glamorous. This article gives an overview of what is available.
  • Evening Wear  By : Fiona Muller
    Christmas is a great time to show off your new evening wear. This year there are some fantastic items that are in the shop. Magical finishes and designs will transform your wardrobe and give your evening wardrobe a whole new look.
  • Why Choose a Vintage Prom Dress  By : Rudy Dhondt
    Choosing a prom dress is not always easy. Most people talk about the latest fashion or the greatest styles. But that is not what you are interested in. A designer gown may be too expensive for you. Or maybe you want to stand out from the crowd and look different.
  • Vintage T-Shirts- where old is gold!  By : Vintage Tshirts
    T-Shirts in today’s world have carved an irreplaceable position in our closets. Right from button-less ones to the collared variety, from graphic T-Shirts or designer wear, they have become a part of our life. In this maze of designer wear and graphical imprints, if you open your closet to find something matching with your dress, you may suddenly get hold of a long lost tee, which was once your favorite.
  • What to Look For in Vintage Clothes  By : David M Wilson
    Collecting vintage clothes can be fun and hip. Nothing like finding a really cool skirt in a style none of your friends have seen. When they find out it is a vintage mod skirt and almost 40 years old the wow factor only increases. Vintage clothes are not just old clothes but they represent a time and fashion (or fad) history.
  • Ways to Wear Vintage Tee Shirts  By : Trevor R. Price
    Vintage tee shirts are a great way to stay casual, but still be funky. They're fun, show that you have a lighter side and prove to the world that you're willing to sort through the mounds at the local charity shop for a great score. If you want to learn more about where to find the best shirts and how to wear them, read on.
  • Collecting Belt Buckles  By : Joe Angelo
    Short article on collecting belt buckles
  • Most Famous Socks of All Time  By : Maverick Knight
    Sometimes the smallest detail can make the largest impact. People are made famous everyday by their imperfections, quirks, and zany characteristics. Too many people overlook one of the most important clothing items that can set you apart and make you shine: your socks.
  • Buy Custom T-Shirts Online  By :
    Are you interested in custom t-shirts? Are you tired of wearing the same old clothes as everybody else? If so, you will want to look into what screen printing has to offer. When it comes down to it, screen printing allows you to buy custom t-shirts without having to spend too much money. And of course, you can do all of this online from the comfort of your own home.
  • From Hippie Art, to Creative Fashion  By : Priyanka Arora
    Tie-dye is considered a fashion art form just like beading and embroidery. It is a practice that concentrates the tint color in the textiles by tying or folding them to create different shapes. Its origin started out in Asia with antique techniques in dying fabrics.
  • Clues for Dating Vintage Clothing  By : Karen Richards
    How do you know if the 1930’s silk charmuese nightgown advertised on Ebay is really from the 1930’s era? Now if you absolutely love the colour or style well maybe the age does not matter. If you do not want to pay a premium for something that is not as advertised, it is important to learn a few pointers.
  • Short History of Ushanka  By : V. Karpenko
    Since the 11th Century, a hat was an integral part of a Russian man's attire, both rich and poor. In Russia the hat was the same in winter and summer, the only difference being that in winter the hat was covered with fur for warmth.
  • The History of Nike Shoes  By : Micle
    Why Womens Nike Shoes Stand Out From The Rest

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