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April Kerr's Articles in Plants

  • A Basic Guide to Caring For Bonsai Trees
    Bonsai which is an interesting technique of growing the adult trees in a miniature form was originated in Japan a long time ago. In fact when you see a banyan tree that looks like a 50 year old one with all its long branches, shoots and cylindrical roots but at the same time the height is just 4 to 5 feet then this becomes very unusual and exciting.
  • Beginner Bonsai Trees: The 5 Easiest To Care For
    Beginner bonsai trees should all have one thing in common - they should all be easy to look after. Although the art of the bonsai is often seen as one which is extremely difficult and takes many years to master, this should not put off anyone new to bonsai growing.
  • Mini Bonsai How They Differ from Regular Bonsai
    In ancient Japan, the art of bonsai sculpting emerged. Normally we think the bonsai trees are small by their nature, however this is not the case. The bonsai tree artist has to prune and train these ordinary trees and plants to achieve the desired effect. The mini bonsai takes this concept even further and is so small could fit in your pocket.

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