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Earl Garber's Articles in Stained Glass

  • Comparing Leaded and Faux Stained Glass Panels
    When most people think of stained glass, more often than not the classic Tiffany style stained glass panels seen in many churches comes to mind. These windows are often referred to as classic stained glass but for the hobbyist considering creating their own art glass panels there is also faux stained glass.
  • History of Stained Glass in the United States
    John LaFarge was an accomplished painter and illustrator as well as a successful muralist. LaFarge was extremely interested in color and he began to experiment with stained glass and more specifically opalescent glass. During the 1870s opalescent glass was not available in sheets and both artists, LaFarge and Louis Comfort Tiffany, began tinkering with possibilities. It was whom discovered this idea and originated sheets of opalescent glass in which these men became rivals until the bitter end.
  • Louis C. Tiffany: Master of Many Artistic Mediums
    With his travels and early painting success under his belt Tiffany returned home and began his first business venture in 1878. It was this business in which he began using his new technique of Favril glass. The predominate use of this glass at the time was to create decorative glass tiles. It was also during this time that Tiffany began creating some of his early stained glass panels
  • Rivalry In Stained Glass
    In the late 1800s Louis Comfort Tiffany and John LaFarge began experimenting with getting color and visual effects without having to paint the glass. Despite the fact the resulting opalescent glass was copyrighted by LaFarge it became synonymous with Tiffany and bears his name to this day. What was already a friendly competition between the two artists heated up to become one of the most heated rivalries of all time.

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