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Gen Wright's Articles in Animals

  • Dog Coat - Why Your Dog May Need One
    A dog coat might be necessary if you live in a bitter cold climate. Exposure to extremely cold temperatures can be detrimental to the health of a cold natured dog. Dog coats come in every size and color imagineable with features to consider before deciding on which coat is best suited for your situation.
  • How To Use A Wireless Dog Fence
    Not everyone has the energy to constantly run after a pet. If one has more than one pet, constant surveillance is well-nigh impossible. This is why electronic devices to keep your pet within safe limits become a necessity.
  • Four Ways Remote Dog Training Collars Improve Hunting Trips
    Training an animal to sit, stay, play dead, and roll over, are very common and simple techniques that can nevertheless be more than trying to communicate to your animal without the proper tools.
  • Keeping Goats- Dealing with Mastitis in your Goat
    If you are keeping goats, especially breeding goats, you will probably encounter mastitis sooner rather than later. Mastitis is inflammation of the mammary glands, often the cause of bacteria. If you have a goat with this condition, first ensure she is eating and being given lots of love and support.
  • Dog Carrier Tips
    Below are some tips that will help you choose the best dog carrier for your plane ride.
  • Keeping Goats- Angora breed of goat
    The Angora breed of goat are unique animals with distinct physical features. They are bred for their coat of hair which has commercial value. Mohair is different from wool in terms of elasticity and smoothness. When keeping goats like the Angora breed of goats, you should pay attention to its diet, health and shelter provision.
  • Pet Stain Information
    Have pet stain and odor problems in your home? If so, here is some information to help you solve pet stain and odor problems. You have probably tried just about everything to rid your home of the contamination and odor.
  • Cat Fences - Wireless and Electric
    Cats, unlike dogs, do not respond to verbal commands that well. So you need some special apparatus to train your cats to keep themselves in a specific area, or to keep out of some specified boundaries.
  • Pet Rabbits- How To Pick Rabbit Cages
    Cages for pets are always a very important aspect because you are essentially providing their habitat. By deciding what kind of an environment they will be living in, you are also deciding how comfortable and active they can be.
  • Ten Reasons Why Dogs Bark
    Does your dog have a barking problem? If you want to control excessive barking in your dog, you need to first understand the reasons behind his barking. If you can figure out why your dog is barking, then you can come up with a solution to the problem.
  • Why Dogs Bark and How to Control Barking
    When a dog barks, they are simply communicating. It is normal for a dog to bark. Whether they are alerting you to someone else in the vicinity or telling you they are hungry, it is the only way they have to let you know what they want.
  • Demystifying the Modern Myths and Misconceptions about Electronic Training Collars
    Are you considering using an electronic training collar for your pet? As the widespread availability and increased sales of these electronic training collars grow, so do many of the many myths and misconceptions about them.
  • Puppy Training - Buying a Pet That is Easier to Train
    Puppy training can be enjoyable, or it can be frustrating. That depends on the type of dog that you own, and your experience in training your pet. Some breeds are known to be easier to train, while some are notorious as hard-to-train pets.
  • Jack Russell Puppies - A Great Companion
    A Jack Russell puppy can be a perfectly family pet if you understand it well. It has unique personality traits, which makes this breed ideal for some lifestyles.
  • Jack Russell Puppies - Behavioral Problems
    The Jack Russell is a fairly small dog, but it has such a high energy level and dominant personality that can sometimes land it in trouble.
  • Puppy Training - Qualities of a Good Trainer
    Puppy training can be a time consuming task. You may be thinking of hiring someone to help train your pet for you due to having a lack of time, or you are simply inexperienced.
  • Boxer Puppies - Growing Up to Become Useful Dogs
    The outward appearance of the boxer dog may look ordinary. The puppy grows up to be a mid sized dog, and most people are not frightened by the size of the dog.
  • Boxer Puppies - Ideal for Any Home
    Many pet experts recommend buying a boxer puppy as a family pet because they know that these animals make the perfect pet for any home.
  • Boxer Puppies - Will You Consider a White Boxer as a Pet?
    A boxer puppy will grow up to be a medium sized dog, with a proportionate body. It is easy to care for a boxer, as it is a fairly active animal.
  • Boxer Puppies - The Active Companion
    Boxers are becoming more and more popular these days. There are many reasons that account for their rising popularity.
  • Bulldog Puppies - Need a Stable Dog?
    Many inexperienced pet owners find themselves stuck with a puppy that is not a good match for their current lifestyle. For example, some owners have young children in the house.
  • Bulldog Puppies - Suitable Playmates For Children?
    The bulldog has an aggressive looking face, and many children are put off by this fierce looking face.
  • Your First Reptile? Here are the Top Three
    Reptiles are now more popular than dogs as pets, a fact that appeared as a result of a survey carried out in early 2008. Guess the most popular reptile pets. Like many things pet related, you need to make the right choice, and just as choosing a badly suited breed of dog can cause problems, the same is true of reptiles.
  • Your Very First Dwarf Rabbit
    If you have some spare time on your hands, you may wish to consider keeping a pet to keep you occupied. There are many types of pets that you can choose to keep.

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