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Gen Wright's Articles in History and Collections

  • History And Significance Of Gemstone Beads
    Gemstone beads are very popular these days and they are hence in high demand everywhere. Those who wear them are most often unaware of the history and legacy behind them and the significance that the gems have.
  • Functional Jewelry With Useful Purposes
    There are many items of functional jewelry that people wear. Though it may not be outwardly obvious to others, it is serving a very useful purpose as well as just looking pretty. New and innovative uses for jewelry that are arising allow people to carry very important and functional information, as well as tools and medication with them wherever they go.
  • The Social Side Of Jewelry - Religious Symbols
    Jewelry is one of the many ways in which religion and cultural beliefs are shown through how we look and what we wear on our bodies. Wearing jewelry with religious meaning is a silent and important way for many to show and declare there faith while going about their everyday lives. Nowadays there are full of beautiful earrings, bracelets and necklaces that depict many different aspects of all the worlds religions.
  • Jewelry - Good Luck Charms And Talismans With Magical Powers
    People today wear mystical jewelry such as luck charms in their everyday lives as symbols to protect them and bring them joy, happiness, luck and peace while also keeping them safe from danger and harm. Charms and talismans are found in so many places and for so many reasons all over the world that it would be impossible to track down all of them. We will try to review a few in this article.

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