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Mitch Johnson's Articles in Glass and Crystal

  • Remarkable French and Chinese Glass
    French glass making began to develop in the eighteenth century.
    Luneville, at Baccarat and a factory by the Cristallerie de St Louis, in Lorraine, were the two famous glass factories in France during
    those days. And under the Emperor K'ang Hsi, of China, a glasshouse was started, but there has been much information found about the details of
    their production.
  • Development and Advancement in American Glass
    During the course of the eighteenth century numerous glasshouses
    came up and went. The greatest demands in America would be for
    the window-glass and for bottles. The immigrants owned most of
    the American glasshouses from Germans and the England who
    brought their skills.
  • Glass of Germany and Holland
    The quality of the paintings on the glass made the Germans noteworthy. The German craftsmen were able to successfully engrave natural rock-crystal and adapted that to their skill in glass, setting a new standard of glass-making. And the Netherlands made the Venetian type of glass in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They excelled in glass decoration.
  • The Story of Glass in England
    In the twelfth to the sixteenth centuries there were glassmakers in Surrey and Sussex, where there was plentiful timber, who produced colored glass. Glass for England domestic needs was primarily imported from Venice. Jacopo Verzelini began making Venice glass in London and taught Englishmen the art.
  • The Venetian Role In Glass
    By the thirteenth century glass making had become a well-established industry in Venice and on the island of Murano, where a large and important export trade was built up rapidly. The Venetians had found how to make a clear glass, cristallo, and were able to produce not only colorless pieces but others of pure gem-like tints.

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